The Story of a Farm

I’ve been researching the history of my grandpa’s farm as part of my research on midwestern farms for my History of Architecture paper.  Here is a little bit of the farm’s history, starting in 1890, since that was where I stopped in the archives on Friday.  The farm is located in Ross Township, Greene County, Ohio.  I researched the Auditor’s Copy of tax records.  In 1890, it was owned by Lavica Brock.  I’m not completely sure about her first name, since it was handwritten, but that was my best guess.    In 1899, the land was sold to Olliver De Haven.  Within a year, De Haven sold the farm to Henry Bateman.  In 1902, Bateman sold the land to Thomas Hennigen.  In 1905, Hennigen sold the land to A.R. and Margaret Sheeley.  For a while, the land was in the same family.  The farm was sold again in 1921 to John Shane, who in turn sold it the next year to Charles and Daniel Cummings.  Charles lived there until his death in the late 1950’s.  The farm was sold at auction to my grandparents, Ralph P. and Dorothy Leaming, in 1961.

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One Response to The Story of a Farm

  1. Jeremy88 says:

    That’s interesting! Do you know when the farm was originally built? Sounds like your doing some detective work!

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