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The Jamestown Opera House

Exterior of the Opera House Today I was fortunate enough to attend a performance at the Jamestown Opera House built in 1889.  It sits almost in the middle of the small town of Jamestown, Ohio.  One of the performers sang … Continue reading

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The Spicer Family

Last week I mentioned my ancestor, Samuel Spicer, so this week I will tell a little bit more about the Spicer family.  Samuel Spicer was born in 1640, either in England or New England, the son of Thomas and Michael … Continue reading

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Lady Deborah Moody

One of my favorite women in American history is little known.  I stumbled upon her by accident, when researching the Leaming/Spicer branch of my geneology.  I was using a geneology database where you can search old books for names and … Continue reading

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The Story of a Farm 2

I never realized how difficult researching a plot of land could be.  Land is sold, divided, and pieces put together in a patchwork.  It also appears that not all land surveys were accurate and people left land in their wills … Continue reading

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The Story of a Farm

I’ve been researching the history of my grandpa’s farm as part of my research on midwestern farms for my History of Architecture paper.  Here is a little bit of the farm’s history, starting in 1890, since that was where I … Continue reading

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The Sultana

I just finished listening to an audio-book called Wicked River:  the Mississippi When it Last Ran Wild by Lee Sandlin.  I learned so many interesting things, but it reminded me chiefly of an event that I had heard about, but … Continue reading

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Controversial History

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I went to the Ohio Historical Center to see a temporary exhibit called “Controversy:  Pieces You Don’t Normally See.”  On exhibit were five controversial items:  a Klu Klux Klan robe, the electric … Continue reading

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